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Scanning MARSH TYPESETTING also have great scanning facilities.

Our Screen Drum scanner has a resolution up to 8000 dpi and true 48 bit scanning yielding a massive 68 billion possible colours! With a density range over 4.0 Dmax, nothing compares to the scanning quality of drum scans.

Scanning of Photographic prints, water colours, drawings for example, are exceptional. We scan Colour transparencies, Colour negatives and Black and White negatives.

Our Scanner operator will take your precious original transparency, negative or paper print and carefully scan it and grade it to the best possible standard and specification.

35mm scans can be made optically to 86 megapixels. For 6cm x 6cm format scans can go up to 357 megapixels, way further than digital cameras and backs. A must for very large format printing.

The scans are mounted with special oil, and carefully cleaned afterwards, unless specified not to do so. Your originals will not be returned in an oily condition, but cleaner than when we received them.

For more information contact: enquiries@marshtype.co.uk
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