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About us MARSH TYPESETTING was established 20 years ago, we specialise in the production of all published material from books, childrens books to brochures, leaflets, sales aids, newsletters and financial reports. samples

We pride ourselves on a fast accurate typesetting service which is key in todays working environment, with tight deadlines and live internet PDF updates.

If you have a series of documents each month that need turning around or just a one off, we are here to help you achieve the impossible. services

With our experience in typesetting, we have learnt to work closely with our clients and understand and develop their needs with professionalism and expertise using the latest software on Mac.

Typesetting isn’t the only service we offer. We also offer the full design and artwork service, scanning and Microfishe scanning and archiving and large format LightJet printing.

So we are here to help you achieve your goals.