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Printing MARSH TYPESETTING also have a LightJet C-TYPE Exhibition service:

Our in-house LightJet Wide Format Printer is capable of direct photographic C-TYPE prints up to 48" x 96” in one piece from a digital file onto backlit or reflective display materials. It uses a three laser light source (red, green and blue) to expose light sensitive photographic material. Print surfaces include: Matt or Glossy photographic paper, and Duratrans (translucent, backlit display material) or Duraclear. We print Black and White onto Ilford Fibre bromide materials too (Hand processed) for that traditional look.

The native resolution for the Lightjet 5000 is 305 dpi or 406 dpi at final output size and is continuous tone; Inkjet and electrostatic printers, which simulate continuous-tone with a dot pattern, would need to image at 4000 dpi to achieve the same photographic resolution.

No other process (optical or digital) can match the Lightjet 5000 for sharpness, colour quality and image control. By eliminating the intermediate film, processing and enlargement stages, this technology provides a number of advantages over conventional means; huge, stunning prints without the usual intermediate steps that degrade image quality.

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